Adding Local Jobs In North Grenville

My Platform of Ideas

This is a list of ideas that if implemented, could bring additional employment to the area, improve the quality of life for all residents and improve the relationships between the municipality and all of its potential partners. This list was created through my own observation & research and through extensive coversations with many residents and business owners over the past four years. Having a like-minded council working together could make some great things happen for all residents of North Grenville.

1) Take action about the fact that 78% of our workforce leaves North Grenville every day and spends some of their money elsewhere. Supporting local job creation and reducing the amount of time that residents spend commuting is critical to improving quality of life for residents.

Too many of our residents spend ten hours or more commuting to and from work each week. This is negatively impacting the health and wellness of these residents, not to mention the negative impact on their families.

In order to attract investment and new jobs to North Grenville, we must take a more active approach. Our current philosophy for Economic Development appears to be sit back and wait for investors to find us. Every other municipality in Eastern Ontario is also waiting for investors to find them. We should be out making connections and networking to encourage the interest of potential investors. Members of council should be a very big part of this by being ambassadors and talking about North Grenville at every opportunity.

We already have strategies, plans and materials created by the Economic Development department that were never implemented or used by the current and previous council. Some of these things could still be useful, but some data and approaches may be outdated.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), up to 80% of job creation in rural areas comes from the expansion of existing businesses within those areas. Our local businesses must be treated as a partner, not a child that needs to be kept in line by outdated bylaws, red tape and intimidation.

I believe that the agriculture and local food sectors represent significant potential for creating new jobs and new businesses. Kemptville Campus could help accelerate growth in these sectors by providing hands-on training, workshops and learning opportunities. By consuming more locally produced food, we reduce our vulnerability to worldwide crop failures and price fluctuations.

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