Agricultural Community Improvement Plan – Investing In Rural North Grenville

I believe that there is significant potential in the fields of agriculture, agri-food and local food for the North Grenville area. A focus on these areas would encourage entrepreneurship and lead to the creation of local jobs. Through my work with the farmer’s market, my writing about local food for the North Grenville Times, my work on the North Grenville Rural Summit and attending different conferences and events around Eastern Ontario, I have spoken to literally hundreds of people about the potential for economic development in agriculture. The recent acquisition of #KemptvilleCampus and its significant lands appears to align quite nicely with these key areas.

With this in mind, I would like to see North Grenville develop a Rural or Agricultural Community Improvement Plan (CIP) that encourages rural residents and business owners to invest in their rural businesses with matching grant funding from the Municipality of North Grenville up to a pre-set maximum amount. There is currently a CIP in place for the Downtown area of Kemptville and I would like to see that type of investment in our rural areas too.

Why not invest money in agriculture in the rural areas where this type of investment would have the most potential to make an economic impact?

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