Line Painting On County Road 43

For several weeks now, I’ve been emailing back and forth with the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville about the lack of line painting on the stretch of County Road 43 from Somerville Road to Actons Corners Road. It’s a five kilometer stretch that has been repaved recently and two turning lanes were added for the two developments, one on each side of the road. At first, there was only the asphalt and the occasional dot for the centre line. After emailing with the United Counties, they agreed to put some reflective tape down for the turning lanes so that people could see them. It’s been a very dangerous stretch of road without proper line painting, especially at night and even worse when it’s raining at night. If it rained at night, you couldn’t see the centre dots at all and therefore weren’t sure exactly where the road was and whether traffic on the other side would stay on their side. At the time of my first round of emails, the response from the United Counties was that the line painting had been contracted out and that the company was going to be away on another project for the next two weeks. It had already been some time since the turning lanes were added. So that’s an extra two weeks minimum of having unpainted lines on our roads. This is unacceptable when it is the major artery moving traffic through North Grenville from east to west. Today I was told by the United Counties that the line painting company was scheduled to resume tomorrow. Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain and that yet another contractor chosen by the United Counties doesn’t leave North Grenville in trouble like on Clothier Street and the bridge for County Road 44.

Incidentally, why has it taken years to add turn lanes for those two developments on County Road 43? These should have been done at the time the developments were completed, not years later. Are other municipalities within the United Counties encountering the same problems as we are? Is the problem the fact that we are not being well represented at the United Counties?

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