My First Media Interview – Mar 25, 2014

I was contacted recently by Laura of the Kemptville Advance. She wanted to know if I would be willing to answer some standard questions (that the newspaper will be asking all candidates that are running for council) so the readers could get to know me a little. I answered ‘sure’ and excitedly reviewed the questions.

This was exciting for me as I have never been interviewed like this before through email. My goal was to answer honestly, but not come on too strong so as to turn anyone off. I wanted to make a very positive impression on the readers. So I prepared my answers carefully and wrote a draft of them and shared them with a few key people in my life. Everyone liked my answers and said everything sounded great.

One of the people I shared my answers with though, wanted me to be a bit more aggressive in relaying my ideas and concerns and those of the people that I have already spoken to around the municipality. This person has already become kind of a mentor for me during my campaign. With his considerable experience in municipal politics, it was easy to listen to him explain why he thought the way he did. He said the people want to hear what my ideas are and I have to show them that I know what’s going on in the municipality. He said that everyone will answer the questions politely and positively, but he felt I needed to make more of an impact on people right away, in order to stand out from the rest of the candidates. He also said to trust my instincts in terms of deciding what I felt was important without being negative. After our conversation, I completely agreed with him. I changed the focus of my answers slightly and added more of my opinion about what’s happening in the municipality and what I wanted to see in the future. I also added more of what people’s concerns were that I had already spoken to and what they wanted to see in the future for the municipality.

I feel confident about my answers and now look forward to them appearing in the Kemptville Advance on Thursday.

Wishing happiness to everyone,


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