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Endorsements For Deron Johnston

Endorsements For Deron Johnston For North Grenville Council

“I have known Deron for several years and have always been impressed with his in-depth knowledge of the Municipality and the issues that it faces. A truly caring individual, Deron will play a key role in ensuring the most appropriate balance between social concerns and the region’s economic development”.

Paul Cormier – Chairman – Integrated Business Solutions Group


“ I will be voting for Deron Johnston in this year’s election. I have spent lots of time getting to know Deron this summer with the Walk and Talk Business North Grenville group. I have had an opportunity to hear what Deron hopes to accomplish as councillor. He is approachable, focused and ready to succeed”.

Julia O’Grady – Owner & President – ITM Events


“I am supporting Deron Johnston in the upcoming North Grenville municipal election because he is hard working and has great work ethics. He cares about the community and the people that live in it. I believe he would make the right decisions as a councillor to benefit North Grenville and its constituents”.

Peter Vichos – Owner – Peter Vichos Enterprises Ltd.


“As a small business owner in North Grenville, I have always loved Deron Johnston unwavering support for small business and local jobs. He has spent his life since coming to North Grenville talking and listening to residents about what they need to make their community better and also what they love about it. Deron has been actively involved in so many events and meetings I have lost track. There is no one more prepared to be on our municipal council. Looking forward to casting a vote for him this week”.

Malina Dockendorff – Owner – Rideau Roastery


“I think it is terrible that 78% of NG residents HAVE to drive out of town to go to work. It’s takes away from their quality of life, it’s expensive and it’s terrible for our environment. I love that Deron Johnston wants to create local jobs! It is one of the many reasons I voted for Deron. Please vote and consider voting for Deron when you do”.

Samantha Kutowy – North Grenville resident

The Real Value of Local Jobs

Several people have asked me why I re-post local job openings from other Facebook pages and sources. Allow me to explain…..
The more that we get residents working locally, the better it is for our local economy. If people are commuting, they tend to spend at least some of their money where they work. The more money that people spend here means our local businesses grow and create more jobs and that creates more tax revenue for the municipality, which in turn means better roads, better services, more sidewalks etc. Currently 78% of our workforce leaves North Grenville every day. This is a great opportunity for us!
I know first-hand how much getting a job means to the happiness, self-esteem and overall well-being of not only the person getting the job, but also their families. An increase in salary, reduced commute times, more time with family & friends and overall improvement in quality of life is a game changer in so many ways!
According to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) up to 80% of job growth in rural areas comes from the expansion of existing businesses. This is why it’s so important to me to support the success of our local business community. We all benefit when we shop & spend locally. These business owners are our neighbours, family members and friends. They need our support!
A vote for me this week is a vote for someone who understands the importance of supporting our local businesses, bringing investment & jobs to North Grenville and how important these things are to the quality of life for all residents of North Grenville.
Deron Johnston