Monthly Archives: August 2014

Wherefore Art Thou Hamlets?

I’ve spoken to quite a few residents in the hamlets of the municipality recently and they feel that Kemptville has become the ‘centre of the universe’ and all of the municipality’s resources get spent there and nothing is left for them. However, the more I listened, the more I learned that it isn’t about money. The issues actually seem to be a perceived lack of respect, lack of public input and lack of effective communication on the part of the municipality. Case in point: Burritts Rapids.

There was a public meeting on July 15 at the Burritts Rapids Community Hall regarding a proposal to change the name of River Road and part of County Road 23 to ‘County Road 23’ so Continue reading

Kemptville College and The Future – Part 2 – Back To College

When the Task Force had their town hall meeting on July 16th, I was a bit disappointed in the amount of information that was shared. Some of the parties who are interested in being part of the college’s future didn’t want to be named and I can understand that. So, I’ve decided to put forward an idea that I think needs to happen for the college to ultimately prosper. I think that KCAT should return to being a college again. By returning to college status, I believe it can service the educational needs of the agricultural community and also service the needs of North Grenville residents and residents of other local communities.

If the college were to offer non-agricultural courses like business courses and trades skills training at the college, residents who weren’t involved in agriculture would still be able to use Continue reading

Special Meetings, Public Meetings and Communication

I was at the regular council meeting on Monday night as per usual and during the council meeting there was a public meeting which featured a short presentation on a study done about development charges. The presentation was a slide show about the study (done by a consulting company), that showed projections on things like: how fast our population was going to grow, what our needs as a municipality were going to be as we grew, how much money for those needs was going to come from development charges etc.

I tried to write down everything that I could, but there was too much information and I simply couldn’t keep up. After the presentation, those in attendance were asked if they had any questions. I didn’t know where to start and I couldn’t even begin to ask an intelligent question Continue reading