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Kemptville College And The Future – Part 1 – The Task Force

Over the past 15 weeks since the Kemptville College Renewal Task Force started, I have tried to keep up to date on their work. I can only guess at what those first initial meetings would have been like. Where do you start? Right after the town hall meeting on July 16th, I stayed and spoke to a number of people who like me, were interested in learning more and discussing it with others. Most were appreciative of the work the Task Force had done, but one particular person (who I didn’t know and had never met before) wasn’t. This person was saying that they couldn’t believe how little the Task Force had done. This person also claimed to have intimate knowledge of the work of the Task Force and who the interested parties were from someone on the Task Force. I asked that person if they had been in any meetings of the Task Force. They said ‘no’. Trying to suppress my sarcastic evil side, I asked the person if they had any idea how complex an issue this was…. Continue reading