Monthly Archives: April 2014

Expansion and Revitalization Plan for County Road 43

On March 27th, I went to an open community meeting about the plan for the expansion and revitalization of County Road 43. There were people there from the firm that created the plan and some municipal councilors and staff. What struck me as odd, was how few members of the community came to have a look. It was a Thursday night and people have busy lives, but I thought there would have been more people show up. Then I realized something, if you weren’t looking closely on the North Grenville website or in the papers, it would have been very easily missed. I noticed the meeting because I’m very interested in the municipality and what’s happening. However, not everyone is as involved or as interested as I am. Also, not everyone has the time to go if they have other activities going on at the same time as these public meetings. So how could the municipality get the message out to more people without incurring Continue reading