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RCMP Officer Shootings, Guns and Clara Hughes

I try to follow social media to keep up to date on current events around the world, Canada and locally. The most recent tragedy involving guns has resulted in three dead and two wounded RCMP officers in Moncton, New Brunswick. The manhunt for the shooter responsible for this tragedy lasted more than a day, kept residents of Moncton terrified and in their homes with their doors locked, but finally ended tonight. This incident could easily have happened anywhere else in Canada.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking because of my opening paragraph. You may think I’m going to go on an anti-gun rant. I’m not a gun owner and have no interest in owning a gun or ever firing one for any purpose. The following is a true personal story about one reason why that is. Continue reading

Higher Fees For Municipal Facilities Rentals

After attending the most recent ‘committee of the whole’ meeting last Tuesday night, one subject got my attention. It was the subject of rental fees for the facilities operated by the municipality.

Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Mark Guy outlined a plan to raise rental fees on ice rentals 2% and on all sports fields 5%. The justification was that this was to cover increasing costs associated with maintaining these facilities. Councillor Tim Sutton asked that with increasing hydro rates, would this increase cover those increased energy consumption costs? It is hoped (according to Mark Guy), that between the rate increase and a (soon to be released) staff plan to use energy more efficiently, that the increase would suffice. Continue reading

The Energy East Pipeline

This issue is not only VERY important to the citizens of North Grenville, but to all citizens of eastern Canada. Everyone should be paying very close attention to this issue.

Why, you ask? Here are my thoughts:

– the pipeline that TransCanada Corp plans on using to transport the bitumen is 40 years old and was built to transport natural gas. Bitumen is thick and is required to be diluted with toxic chemicals in order to transport it through a pipeline. How can a pipeline that is 40 years old be safe to transport toxic liquids? Much newer pipelines have already had spills in North America (Keystone, for example) with devastating effects. This pipeline was also built for natural gas, not a highly toxic substance like bitumen. The segment of the pipeline that runs from Winnipeg to Ottawa has, on average, ruptured every ten years carrying natural gas. What will it do when it is carrying something much thicker and heavier? Seriously, how could anyone possibly think that Continue reading

Expansion and Revitalization Plan for County Road 43

On March 27th, I went to an open community meeting about the plan for the expansion and revitalization of County Road 43. There were people there from the firm that created the plan and some municipal councilors and staff. What struck me as odd, was how few members of the community came to have a look. It was a Thursday night and people have busy lives, but I thought there would have been more people show up. Then I realized something, if you weren’t looking closely on the North Grenville website or in the papers, it would have been very easily missed. I noticed the meeting because I’m very interested in the municipality and what’s happening. However, not everyone is as involved or as interested as I am. Also, not everyone has the time to go if they have other activities going on at the same time as these public meetings. So how could the municipality get the message out to more people without incurring Continue reading

My First Media Interview – Mar 25, 2014

I was contacted recently by Laura of the Kemptville Advance. She wanted to know if I would be willing to answer some standard questions (that the newspaper will be asking all candidates that are running for council) so the readers could get to know me a little. I answered ‘sure’ and excitedly reviewed the questions.

This was exciting for me as I have never been interviewed like this before through email. My goal was to answer honestly, but not come on too strong so as to turn anyone off. I wanted to make a very positive impression on the readers. So I prepared my answers carefully and wrote a draft of them and shared them with a few key people in my life. Everyone liked my answers and said everything sounded great. Continue reading